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Stratos® Eco 2405 pH Process Analyzers

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Proven Stratos® technology now available in reasonably priced, basic version for pH measurement.
Stratos® Eco 2405 pH

• For universal use in the chemical industry, power station engineering, biotechnology, food processing, and pharmaceuticals industries as well as in water/waste-water treatment.

• With icon-guided operation and Sensoface® information on sensor status.

• At an astonishingly favorable price.

Well-proven quality
From the calibration timer to the automatic GainCheck® device self-test, from the red alarm LED to the Sensocheck® sensor monitoring feature: the Stratos® e models provide all the elaborate functions of the previous series.

Simultaneous display of measured values and temperature; unit symbols as plaintext. Icons supply operating messages and signal unusual operating states. Status indicators provide information on the current operating status. Eye-catching alarm signaling by red, flashing LED.

Reliable reminder due to integrated calibration timer. Automatic sensor standardization with check of response time and drift. Conventional calibration media can be selected. Alternatively, also manual calibration or direct input of sensor data for service purposes. Display of the sensor data of every calibration. Evaluation of the sensor status with Sensoface®.

Sensocheck® sensor monitoring
Maximum reliability due to continuous monitoring of the sensor. Sensor defects are recognized, indicated in the display, and an alarm is released.

2-wire Stratos with HART communication
Integration in fully automatic process cycles is possible due to the remote control function via HART communication. The device can also be fully configured via a handheld terminal or from the control room. Device data, measured values, and messages can be retrieved at any time.

All device parameters can be read and written. The data exchange takes place consistently in accordance with the communication model 'Profile for Analyzers', version 3.0.

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