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Replacement for TBI (ABB) TB557-J2D000J1 pH Electrode

Replacement for TBI (ABB), Series TB557, TB557-J2D000J1, pH


$ 302.00
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This industrial pH electrode is designed to retrofit sensors for certain TBI-Bailey (ABB) hot-tap ball valve retractor assemblies. It is manufactured with a unique solid reference gel for extended life in the most severe applications. It is constructed of chemically resistant PVDF, with a porous Magna-Flow junction. There is no solution ground on this electrode. Please note temperature and pressure limitations. This electrode has a fixed cable.

Electrodes Direct # 100


Body Material: Kynar
O-Ring Seals: Viton
Automatic Temperature Compensator (ATC): 3000 Ohm
Cable Length: 10 Feet
Connector: BNC with Hanked Ends (ATC)
Pressure Rating: Max. 100 psi
Temperature Rating: Max 80C
Solution Ground: NO
Delivery: Estimated 4 Weeks


Replaces, TBI (ABB), TB557, TB557-J2D000J1