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Replacement for Rosemount 398R-1000315462 pH Electrode

Replacement for Rosemount, Series 398R, 398R-10315462, PH


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Rosemount® pH replacement sensors have been field proven in a variety of harsh applications. An inventory stocking arrangement reduces lead times from weeks to days. Housed electrodes generally consist of two parts: a 12mm glass-bodied electrode and housing machined to accept that electrode. Minimal factory assembly is required before shipment to the customer site.

Manufactured with a Solid Polymer Reference™ fill the life of the electrode is prolonged and the overall performance of the electrode is enhanced.

Direct Rosemount® replacements are dimensionally matched to existing equipment so that no expensive retrofit changes are necessary. Simple, quick removal of the replacement. Standardization is all that is required.

Electrodes Direct # 126


Type: pH
Body Material: Kynar® (standard), PEEK® (optional), CPVC (optional)
O-Rings: Viton® (standard), EPDM (optional), Kalrez® (optional)
Body Style: Retractable Sensors
Tube length in inches: (06, 16, 21 & 36)
Measuring Electrode: GXV - Multipurpose pH glass formulation (0-14.00 pH)
Junction Type: Double junction, SOLID POLYMER REFERENCE (0-130°C)
Cable Length: 15 Feet - Others Available Please Call
Connector Type: Hanked Leads (Tinned)
Temperature Compensation: PT100S
pH Range: 0-14
Use: Industrial
Delivery: Stock to 4 Weeks

100,000 Variations available, please call (1) 403 291 5570


Replaces, Rosemount, 398R, 398R-10315462