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Replacement for Orion Sodium PPB Ion Selective Electrode "8611BN"

Replacement for Thermo Scientific Orion, Acumet, Hach & many more, Series Sodium PPB, "8611BN", ISE


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A Sodium Ion Selective Electrode sensor specifically designed to measure 0.1 ppb to 10 ppm concentrations of Sodium (Na+).

Application include, but not limited to: Power Plants, Boiler Feed Water.

Electrodes Direct Supply a wide variety of cost effective electrodes, sensors, assemblies and accessories for pH, Contacting Conductivity, Toroidal Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Optical Dissolved Oxygen, Potentiostatic Chlorine, Karl Fischer, Ion-Specific and Custom Designs. Direct Replacements for Laboratory, Titration, Biotech, and Industrial

applications are available for all major brands.

Electrodes Direct # 149


Model: NAB1502
Reproducibility: +/- 5%
Interferences: Ag+, Li+, H+
Temperature Range: 0 to 80 degrees C
Pressure Range: 0 to 70 psi
Response Time: 95% in 2 minutes
Storage: 100 PPB (Parts Per Billion) Sodium standard solution
Concentration Range: 0.1 PPB to 10 PPM
pH Range: > 11
Resistance: < 200 MOhms
Care, Maintenance & Cleaning: Rinse with a dilute NH4Cl/NH4OH ISA, followed by soaking in 100 PPB (Parts Per Billion) Sodium standard
Temperature Compensation: Yes
Isopotential Point: 30 ppm (Parts Per Million) Sodium
On-Line Capability: Yes, pH Control required
Applications: Power Plants, Boiler Feed Water


Replaces, Thermo Scientific Orion, Acumet, Hach & many more, Sodium PPB, "8611BN"