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Replacement for Orion™ 9162BNWP Low Resistance pH Spear Tip Electrode

Replacement for Thermo Scientific™ Orion™, Series 91, 9162BNWP, PH


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Combination pH spear tip with refillable reference used with semi-solid samples such as meats, cheeses and polymers.

These general purpose sensors are the backbone of any lab. Numerous options are available including Mono & Combination Electrodes, Calomel References, Sealed & Refillable References and various Reference Fill Solutions. These electrodes incorporate the newest pH glass formulations and Reference technologies to produce faster response times, excellent stability and superior reproducibility, all at an affordable price. Direct Replacements are available for all major brands. Call (1) 403 291 5570 for all options and variations.

Electrodes Direct # 129-PH8S134-3B



Connector: BNC
Reference: Ag/AgCl
Size:12-10mm TAPER
pH Range: 0 to 14 (Na+ < 0.1N)
Response Time: 10 seconds (95% Response)
from pH 7.00 to pH 4.01
Glass Membrane Impedance
20 Mohms at 25ºC


Replaces, Thermo Scientific™ Orion™, 91, 9162BNWP