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Direct Replacement for Fisher® accuTupH® Part # 13-620-183

Replacement for Fisher®, Series accuTupH®, 13-620-183, pH


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This electrode is a direct replacement to Fisher® accuTupH® Part # 13-620-183. Please note the diameter of our probe is 12mm and not 10mm as on the Fisher® sensor. 12mm bulb substantially increases the surface area resulting in faster response times and more stability. The 12mm Rugged Bulb also results in a stronger electrode rated for 0-14pH and up to 130°C. All this with a remarkable 10 mΩ bulb resistance.

Electrodes Direct # 105


Type: pH Combination
Body Material: Glass
Bulb Type: Rugged Bulb
Junction Type: Double Junction
Diameter: 12mm
Length: 110mm
Cable Length: 3 Foot
Connector Type: BNC
Refillable?: Yes
pH Range: 0-14
Temp: up to 130°C.
Bulb Resistance: 10 mΩ
Use: Laboratory
Delivery: 3-4 Weeks Typical


Replaces, Fisher®, accuTupH®, 13-620-183