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Broadley James Fermprobe® F610 pH (130mm) Replacement Electrode Probe Sensor (F-610-B130-DX)

Replacement for Broadley James, Series F610, F-610-B130-DX, pH


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Other Lengths Available, Please call our technical team for pricing and configuration: (1) 403 291 5570

This series of steam sterilizable and autoclavable pH electrodes has been designed to retro-fit the Broadley James Corp. FERMPROBE® ELECTRODE HOLDER.

These electrodes have been engineered as improved replacements using the same configuration as the original equipment.

These electrodes were designed with a unique solid polymer reference electrolyte and annular ceramic non-fouling reference junction which incorporates a double junction reference cell.

These electrodes are special because they can withstand many repeated sterilization cycles with minimal effect to the response or stability. The electrodes are also designed to be reliable and extremely cost efficient.

Broadley James Replacement Electrodes.

Electrodes Direct specializes in custom and replacement electrodes. We have the technical expertise and resources to manufacture replacement electrodes for Broadley James equipment as well as most major manufacturers.

Our Manufacturer have their own in-house machine shop, with 2 CNC lathes and 9 hand lathes to facilitate a faster machining time. They also blow their own glass with 12 induction heaters and 15 glass lathes. Of their 124 employees, 44 have been with their company for more than 15 years ensuring the technical experience required to exact precise specifications.

Our replacement electrodes are manufactured to precise specifications, form and fit ensuring that no expensive retrofit changes are necessary.

If the part number in which you are interested is not listed, please click below to contact our technical team as we are confident we can assist and meet your needs.

Fermprobe is a registered trademark of Broadley-James Corporation.

Electrodes Direct # 158


Basic Top, S7
Steam Sterilizable
Needs NO Pressurization
Rugged; Low Maintenance
Compatible with ALL pH Instrumentation
Broadley James Holders: None

pH Range: 0-13 pH
Temperature Range: -5° to +135°C
Pressure: 150 PSIG
Reference: Double Junction
Length (see "B" on illustration): 130mm

BP610-DLG 130

Other Lengths Available, Please call our technical team for pricing and configuration: (1) 403 291 5570


Replaces, Broadley James, F610, F-610-B130-DX